Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pocketbook Tears

I have been a blubbering fool all day! This election has proved to be more emotional for me than I realized it would be. Actually I understand that when detoxifying the body you usually detoxify your emotions as well. Just like some people cry when they get a massage or do yoga, it can be a release of emotions that is unexpected. So yes, I've been very emotional.

Today i watched some news, cried, did some laundry, cried, washed the dishes and then decided I had to get out of the house! Took a nice long vigorous walk and when I got home was thiiirrrsty. Good thing all I can ingest is fluids, phew. This morning, aside from the crying, my salt water flush worked in full force for the first dehydration nation. Fortunately I have been drinking my weight in ounces of water.

I've included another tongue picture for your viewing pleasure. Notice how pink my upper lip is, and the tip of my tongue is the same color. That will really showcase the contrast of my white velvety tongue. Once again I must remind you that this is completely normal and a great sign of detoxification.

I also wanted to include some pretty raw food pictures from my mom's house. Its not the photography that is showcased here, but the fruits themselves. Those white cannon balls are baby coconuts (full of electrolytes), and the fancy pants dish is my mother's beautiful raw portebello mushroom topped with fresh guacamole, tomatoes, red onion and arame seaweed (rich in minerals) hmmmm hmmmm.

Whats the deal with the whole raw thing? Well living foods have a life force, they are full of nutrients, antioxidants, and active enzymes. All of this make them very easy foods to digest, which is very easy on your body (digestion takes a lot of energy), and you absorb many more nutrients. So a little food goes a long way. Personally I've enjoyed having some raw/some cooked foods. Something, which I am finding this cleanse does, is really put into perspective the idea of food purely being used as fuel for energy. We use it for so much more, it is the nucleus of many cultures, families, entertainment, and celebration! This is why we love it so much, However i do get the sense that I will look at food differently after this experience. More subtle flavors will be very satisfying, and right now I could eat nothing but that line up of coconuts for breakfast lunch and dinner and be one happy camper.


Caitlin said...

Hey Persephone! I love the pics especially of your "white velvety tongue" and of course chop!! I think I remember having a discussion on one of our trips down to NYC about cleanses. I think I was the one talking about doing one! Hey so much for that! Sounds like you are at a good place with it now. Oh and by the way, "YES WE CAN!!" Amazing speech...

persephone said...

Hiii caitlin,

Sorry we haven't spoken in so long. Yes, I never wanted to do a cleanse...ever. But here I am and although I don't know what is being revealed, i get the sense that this experience is all very revealing. We should get together, soon.

Caitlin said...

I think what it is revealing as you have already seen is our dependence on food for more than mere survival and how this creates a toxic enviro on the inside...I give you so much credit for doing this...I think it is much more a mental struggle than it is a physical one for the most part. It is so interesting to step back and see how much of our lives revolves around food and drink...Well, you are almost there and doing in touch!