Sunday, November 23, 2008

NYC and bust

Celebration nation went well but I reaped the repercussions the next day. I had a great meal which did include bread, wine, and dessert. It tasted great and I felt fine but then woke up the next morning around 4:30, could not get back to sleep, and as a result had a splitting head ache and my body felt like I was hit by a truck the entire next day. I had only had 2 glasses of wine so I believe that this was all a result of sugar overload. This was the second time I was learning the same valuable lesson, I must ease myself out of these diets. This seems to be a classic case of restriction leading to overcompensation as most people experience when dieting. Since I am on these diets solely for the purpose of testing their theories and their effects on my system, I should probably do my best to see that a way of eating doesn't become more detrimental to my health by going over board when I come off of the diet. Genius!

This weekend Chopper and I were in NYC and had a grand ole time romping around drinking coffee, eating Indian food and grabbing ice cream at bedtime. Its New York! We did have a great time, it was freezing and so ducking into a Starbucks every 30 blocks or so seemed like good idea. It is truly amazing to see how many carbohydrates or sugars are in almost every meal or snack if you aren't conscious of it. This weekend we were not careful. However I would suggest experimenting with it for yourself, if for only a day and see how many times you have to redirect yourself.

Tomorrow we will be in Georgia for Thanksgiving. We have friends there that have an organic farm (see my favorite, Barn-Raising blog), and we look forward to sharing the holiday with great people and making some great food.

And speaking of Thanksgiving, I would like to offer y'all a holiday tip for staying conscious of what is going in and getting the most out of your meal. If visiting with friends or family, offer to make a green vegetable or salad to contribute to the meal OR instead of bringing flowers or wine bring along a bowl of fresh berries as a dessert. Its all about the options, if they aren't there what are you to do? I've decided to offer these tips in leau of starting my next diet right away. We will start when we get home, in the meantime look for these holiday ideas for staying on your game.

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