Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Not all bad

Today has actually been a really great day. It is 6:20 and I am not starving, which definitely hasn't been the case in the past days. My flushes still don't seem to be working as they should. I haven't been to the bathroom that much at all (except to pee ...alot) I really need these flushes to work because now is the time that my body is starting to release the toxins from my fat cells and I want to be rid of them! Below is a picture of my tongue which is rather white and velvety. This is a big indication that my body is creating mucus in reaction to the toxins.

I also have some aches and pains also a reaction to the toxins flushing. This is all to be expected and makes me feel good that this sh*t be working.

So Today is ELECTION DAY...woo woo!! What the country and the world has been waiting for. And with election day comes election night potluck..yay. I feel good, and I did a little food preparation today myself with out dipping in, so I am not too worried. However my contribution is something that if the temptation gets to great, I can nibble.


Hannah said...

I am friends with Ali and she gave me this link. I have done some crazy diets and cleanses in my life and I can say the best part is the appreciation you get for food once it is over. Brown rice without any oil or salt tastes sweet and yummy and creamy. Good luck, it is fun to watch your journey.

persephone said...

Hi Hannah,

Thank you. I have heard a lot about you through Ali, so happy you are finding the time to read this (i know you're busy). I am also now appreciating the art of blogging, it seems to keep me present in a way. I am happy to have more blogs to follow yours included!