Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mornings good. Nights bad.

Day 6, 7:40 pm. Tonight is the first night where I find myself wondering if I'll make it. I thank you all for being here with me, and for allowing me to post more than once a day without throwing tomatoes at me (though that would be nice). It helps to talk about. I feel like I shouldn't be white knuckling it, the way I am. I am actually fine all day and then night time, man oh man. I think the anticipation of the weekend is making it harder as well. Chopper and I are going off island and we usually love to go out to eat, I have a friends birthday on Sunday, and would love to have dinner with my father but should probably wait to see him.

Tonight I drank psyllium husks and water instead of the laxative tea. The psyllium husks are basically pure fiber. It helps to move any solid waste, that may be stuck, through your system and help to fill you, oh for about 15 minutes. Sorry, am I whining?

Tomorrow I will wake up and feel great and I will tell you about how great I feel. Until then...

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Kelly said...

You're more than halfway there!!