Sunday, November 16, 2008

Indulgence Day

Sunday night. Day 4 of the Candida diet. Today both Chop and would be getting rashes up and down if we actually had Candida. We had a pretty fun/crazy/interesting/exciting weekend that I'm excited to write about tomorrow when I have more time. Today, the last day of this fun/crazy/interesting/exciting weekend we threw our caution to the wind and wheated/sugared it up for the whole day. Starting out at brunch at the 1661 with friends (which included, french toast, maple syrup, muffins, and fruit) and then a quick snack of pizza strips, we've decided to stick to the trend today and go for dinner at our favorite restaurant on the island on their last day open for the season. Tomorrow we'll be back on track for 6 more days. We've just added a rule whenever you veer off the diet, you have to add a day.

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