Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I see you Cherry Garcia

Tonight Chop and I went to the grocery store to look at the ice cream.  I know I should be eating lots of raw vegetables and that would probably make this much easier.  However it's freezing outside and the vegetables at the grocery store here are kind of gross.  Limpy, room temperature, squishy, dried out...ech.  We decided on scallops, brussel sprouts and salad, not too shabby.  Chop keeps picking up the most intensely sugared junk food and just kind of holding it for a little while, I think this is hard for him.  Tonight it was rainbow sprinkled Entermans donut holes and then a jar of hot fudge sauce, these aren't his typical go to's.  Aahhh its funny what the parasites in your tummy will beg of you.  For me its a matter of balance, I am not craving "sugar" sweet things as much as carbohydrates in general.  I feel like my diet right now is uber fats and proteins, again I need to be eating more raw vegetables.

Just cause I know you love them so much here's a picture of my healthy tongue...Big difference eh?  Nice and pink, no white film.

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