Thursday, November 20, 2008

Celebration nation (scallops/arugula-raspberry/yogurt-tuna salad)

I am celebrating tonight! My friends don't know it, we have plans to have dinner and for no special reason, but I will be secretly celebrating my achievements in the last few weeks. So this means I am entering into rash city for the night (if you don't get that, it means that I will be eating foods that IF I had candida would make me feel crumby and break out). What I have discovered is that Candida cleansing is very difficult for me and for Chopper and going out to eat at all would be really hard if I actually had Candida. So I shall say a silent prayer for all those suffering, I pray to give them strength to rid themselves of this dietary hindurance (I know a lot of people and it really sucks), and I shall lift my glass to them this evening.

What are your achievements Persephone? What? Oh huh? Who me? Well, thank you for asking. I was very proud to have completed my first public speaking engagement last week. I covered the topic "Eating for Energy" and had a great turn out. I did not pass out, or stumble over words (too much), and by the end felt very comfortable in my place in front of everyone. I really had a good time and loved being able to share ideas and discuss openly, topics with people that are near and dear to me and effect all of us. Then, this week I started working with a few new clients that live right here on BI. This was big because last year I had gotten into traveling so much. And lastly I was told today that the Block Island Times would like me to be a contributing columnist on the topic of Health and Wellness. This is really exciting, it is another flower in my garden that I can tend to and watch grow (I realize I am no poet).

So tonight I am not cooking my own dinner and I will have a glass of wine or two. I will revel in the carbohydrates and avoid going overboard.

I have added a pole in the upper right hand corner. I'd like to see what you all think of this little diddy. I've had a hard time determining if this is of use or interest to anyone, please let me know what you think. Below I've included some more food pictures, mostly because they are just so pretty. I believe we should all definitely put value in, not only the taste and smell of food but also the appearance, texture, and the love.

Isn't this beautiful...pan seared scallops over green salad with avocado and roasted brussel sprouts

Looks like sweets. Frozen raspberries blended with organic non fat yogurt. It tasted really tart, but was nice and cold and creamy. Towards the end I sprinkled a little stevia.
I feel like I'm on a wimpy version of the Atkins diet. Instead of hamburgers no bun and chicken wings, I'm eating a lot of proteins like fish, eggs, etc., fats like avocado and nuts, and greens. Its all really good but definitely more straight up proteins than I usually do (I like to go the bean route) This is tuna in olive oil over mixed green and cabbage salad with red bell pepper , carrots, avocado and a little apple cider/tahini dressing. Colorful!

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