Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Perhaps a bit superfluous at this point, but below are some of the pictures that were taken and promised. Yes I am kissing the spinach pie.

Proof that it went in...the "Frozen yogurt" cake

I wouldn't suggest a meal at Chili's to anyone. In case this looks like an advertisement or condoning behavior. I more wanted to mortify Heather by putting her in the blog, AND display how horrific that plate of food looks...

And finally a photo and digestive cleanse. This was my juice yesterday. Celery, apple, carrot, ginger, and daikon radish. The daikon snuck in there, it was only a little guy so I just through it in, wheeeewweee spicy. I added the ginger because I had been sooo cold, ginger is very warming. Then around 4:00 I made a pot of rice and ate it. The rice was nice and warm. I practiced chewing which is a long and arduous process with rice, but very necessary for proper digestion especially of grains.

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