Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 1 of Candida cleanse was, well, fine. Chop resisted the urge of donuts that I guess someone brought to work, they were "Dunkin Donuts" from the mainland so it was kind of a big deal. He asked if he found something with sugar in the wild, could he eat it...then proceeded to call his partner and ask him to hang a donut from the tree. I think this is a little tougher for him, he should be writing this blog.

My urges were much more subtle, I cored, pealed and froze our bag of apples that we had bought pre-c.c. The apples weren't "green". I have been searching and I haven't found the answer, but for some reason "green" apples are allowed on this diet (as well as berries and citrus) but no other fruit, I'm assuming sugar content, but they still would become sugar pretty quickly during digestion. In any case, if you have candida you would just have to pay attention to how your body reacts.

There they are! The evil doers...

Being a non-land animal eater alot of my diet is made up of grains and beans. Candida makes this amount of carbohydrates kinda out of the question. Since the Master cleanse dairy (except yogurt) has made me feel sick, so meals may start to be a bit tough. Gluten free grains are allowed but limited amounts, I'd say no more than a cup a day. We had brown rice pasta (gluten free) last night for dinner. I made it with lots of garlic in hopes to counter the effects. I'd say it was cool.

Breakfast. Bor-ing! Plain yogurt with walnuts. I would have loved a drizzle of m.syrup (listen to me last week I would have been whimsically singing the praises of such a breakfast. How quickly we forget)

Lunch-Leftover seaweed and cabbage salad over greens. There were raisins in the leftovers that I told Chop to savor. The dressing was made with apple cider vinegar which you can has malic acid which helps to fight the yeast.

Dinner- Brown rice pasta (really good if you haven't tried it, much better than whole wheat pasta. Not as grainy) with broccoli in homemade pesto that I had frozen (no cheese) and onions. I cooked the onions for a while till they were nice and sweet. hehe

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